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Pearson Science NSW Stage 4 and 5


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Connect the junior and senior years of study and help your students make real progress for success
in years 11 and 12, and beyond. It’s the missing link between the stages for New South Wales science.



Pearson Science Stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment books with Lightbook Starter

Introducing our new student skills and assessment books and our digital assessment tool, Lightbook Starter for NSW in Stage 4 and 5 science. Both are designed with the learner in mind. They’re sold together and can be used alongside any other resource.


Skills and assessment books

Stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment books are designed to create a seamless experience for students moving from junior to senior years. They work with our digital assessment tool, Lightbook Starter, to provide high quality, skills-focused activities for students. Plus, they’ve got direct references to Lightbook Starter, so students know exactly how they link together

Why choose our skills and assessment books

Why choose our skills and assessment books?

  • Developed by a team of highly experienced and expert authors
  • Created in a stage format, with a similar layout to the Stage 6 skills and assessment books for a clear progression
  • Designed with a focus on understanding and applying the working scientifically skills
  • Scaffolded to provide stage-appropriate support and develop student confidence in applying the working scientifically skills

What's inside?

  • A toolkit, to provide students with the skills required for worksheets and activities
  • Worksheets to apply skills and build their confidence in application
  • Practical activities with hands-on experiences
  • Inquiry activities and mini-depth studies

We’ve also included fully worked solutions and suggested answers for teachers.

What's inside


Lightbook Starter

The way we learn is changing. Our goal is to stay one step ahead of students’ needs and together, help them get the best out of their education.

With Lightbook Starter, you get an innovative digital resource that helps you prepare students and assesses against outcomes. It helps students activate their prior knowledge before starting a topic as well as assessing their understanding after learning about the topic. It's all about giving you more options and flexibility to help students engage, adapt and succeed today and in the future.

Why choose Lightbook Starter

Why choose Lightbook Starter?

  • Personalised, self-paced learning
  • Instant feedback, like hints and auto-correcting questions
  • Summative and formative assessment
  • Based on cutting-edge research
  • Responsive to display on any device
  • Gives teachers the power to track student progress with ease

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