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Pearson Science NSW - Components

Pearson Science New South Wales 7-10
New! Pearson Stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment book with Lightbook Starter


Pearson Science New South Wales 7-10

Student books

Each student book is aligned with the NSW syllabus, designed with clear language, appealing visuals and real-life contexts, and is available as an eBook on Reader+.

Content identified as 'Additional' in the NSW Syllabus has been clearly differentiated from core content and is carefully placed in the overall content flow.

Pearson science nsw student book

Pearson science nsw activity books

Activity books

Activity books are designed as write-in books at all year levels, for a range of learning styles and can be used for independent student work, in class or as a complete homework program.

EAL/D activity books are matched activity-for-activity and question-for-question with the standard activity books.


Reader+ is the home of Pearson eBooks. It gives the user more options, more flexibility and more control when it comes to the content you use, and comes with features like notetaking, audio and video media, and inbuilt practice tests with answers.

It's all about giving you and your learners more options and more opportunities to make progress in the classroom, and beyond.

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Pearson science NSW teacher companions

Teacher resources

We added a wide range of teaching resources that are designed to complement a range of learning styles. Simply log in to Pearson Places to enjoy extras like teaching plans, correlation grids and fully worked solutions to the skills and assessment book.


Pearson New South Wales Stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment book with Lightbook Starter

To complement the Pearson Science New South Wales 7-10 resource suite and bridge the skills gap between Stage 4 and 5 Science to Stage 6 Science, check out our new resources, Stage 4 and 5 skills and assessment book with Lightbook Starter

Skills and assessment books

Each skills and assessment book is designed to create a seamless connection between the junior and senior years. The books include mini depth studies and come with the digital assessment tool, Lightbook Starter.

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Pearson science stage 4 and 5

Lightbook Starter

Lightbook Starter is our innovative digital assessment platform, helping students consolidate their learning and giving teachers the power to track student progress with ease. It has a huge variety of question types and stimulus material. And it also provides hints and auto-correcting questions for instant feedback for students.

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