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Pearson Science Components


This series includes student books, eBooks, Lightbook Starter, activity books and teacher companions

Student books

  • A focus on Australian Innovations and Future Careers in STEM written to promote the importance of science in solving problems and expose students to  exciting career opportunities.
  • Questions offering a broader range of entry levels throughout the book. More focus on thinking, inquiring and research skills with a new Inquiry section at the end of each chapter.
  • Fully reviewed and updated practical activities carried out by an experienced lab technician. All practical activities now align with revised school safety regulations and also utilise more readily available materials ensuring these activities are even more accessible.
  • New STEM4Fun features also appear throughout, taking Science4Fun to a new level.
  • A focus on scientific concepts and inquiry skills with opportunities to learn, investigate and practise these skills.
  • A series of 'Step up' Chapters to prepare and launch students into senior science courses. The Year 9 student book features a step up chapter on Psychology. The Year 10 student book features step up chapters on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  
  • Each student book comes with an eBook (known as Reader+), a digital version of the student book, available for both online and offline use.

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EPAA 2017 - Best Student Resource, Junior - Mathematics/ScienceSample spread from Pearson Science Student book
Sample spread from Pearson Science 9 student book
Proud winner of EPAA 2017 - Best Student Resource, Junior Mathematics/Science
EPAA 2017 - Best Student Resource, Junior - Mathematics/Sciencesample spread of Pearson Science 8 Activity Book
Sample spread from Pearson Science 8 activity book
Proud winner of EPAA 2017 - Best Student Resource, Junior Mathematics/Science

Activity books

The activity books are a write-in resource designed to develop and consolidate students' knowledge and understanding of science.

  • Updated with explicit differentiation and improved learner accessibility, it provides a wide variety of activities to reinforce, extend and enrich learning initiated through the student book.
  • Redesigned for independent use by students and is suitable for in-class use or as a complete homework program.
  • New and updated worksheets as well as retaining the most effective ones.
  • Each chapter of the activity book aligns with the student book and commences with a knowledge preview that can be used to help assess prior understanding.
  • Integrates vocabulary support recommended by Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes including the use of hints and greater scaffolding of content. All new literacy reviews target a broader range and depth of literacy development, building stronger literacy. An overview has been added to the end of each chapter to increase the visibility of key learning and integrate reflection to call out skills requiring support and improvement.
  • Answers to the activity book can be found in the teacher ​productlink on Pearson Places​.

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Lightbook Starter

Lightbook Starter is an innovative digital resource developed to help students learn key scientific concepts, assess their understanding and track their progress.


It assesses the learners readiness prior to tackling chapters and it also assess their understanding with post-chapter assessment via the auto-correcting questions linked to the progress tracker dashboard.


Lightbook Starter is mapped to each Student Book chapter as well as to the Australian Curriculum: Science and 2017 Victorian curriculum descriptors and elaborations. Content includes 'Before you begin' preparatory material, 'Section check-in' questions mapped to each module in the chapter, a summative chapter test and integrated opportunities for students reflection on learning.



Lightbook starter
Reader Plus


Reader+ gives you access to the eBook version of your student book as well as bonus multimedia assets. It’s built to work online and offline, making content easily available anytime, anywhere, in every school. It works on PC and Mac, Android and iOS.

Learners can quickly navigate through their eBooks, read them, take notes and save bookmarks. Reader+ integrates multimedia (audio/video) and interactive activities that enhance and extend the reading experience.

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Teacher companions

The teacher companions make lesson preparation and implementation easy by combining full student book pages with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Science as well as the Victorian Curriculum.

  • Includes classroom ready support allowing teachers and lab techs to plan ahead with good visibility of what each chapter involves.
  • New to this edition is expertise which takes teacher support to a whole new level, putting experts in every classroom. This includes:
    • Literacy building activities including for EAL/D requirements, written by Literacy Consultant Dr Trish Weekes.
    • Differentiation support written expert in the field, Anna Bennett
    • Practical Investigation tips and support by highly experienced lab technician Penny Lee.
  • Updated teacher support at the beginning of the teacher companion including new spreads written by experts on Literacy, STEM and Differentiation which underpin the approach taken throughout the book and the whole series.
  • Presents full student book pages with a wealth of surrounding teacher support
  • Suggests learning strategies and provides easy lesson preparation and implementation, aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Science
  • Includes answers (or fully worked solutions) to every student book and activity book question
  • Suggestions for practical classroom activities

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EPAA 2017 - Best Secondary Teacher Resource

Pearson Science 9 teacher companion
Sample spread from Pearson Science 9 teacher companion
Proud winner of EPAA 2017 - Best Secondary Teacher Resource

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