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Student books

Differientated questions, activities, design and full coverage of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and 2017 Victorian Curriculum are included in the student books. The books also cater for students of all abilities, with clear differentiation and extra foundation level questions in all exercises.

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Homework programs


The homework program provides a collection of over 120 double-sided, tear-out worksheets and skills sheets, which allow students to practise and revise mathematical concepts.

Answers can be found in the teacher complimentary resources section of the eBook (each hardcopy teacher book comes with the eBook).

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Digital learning tools

Pearson Mathematics, 2nd Edition, is available as an eBook. Students and teachers can read, take notes, save bookmarks and more, in one seamless experience, anywhere, at any time. 

This Edition can also be paired with Lightbook Starter, our innovative digital assessment platform, helping students consolidate their learning and giving teachers the power to track student progress with ease.

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Teacher companions

We want to help make lesson prep and implementation easy. That’s why we’ve combined full student book pages with a wealth of teacher support, designed to help you meet the demands of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics as well as the 2017 Victorian Curriculum.

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