Designed for today's classrooms


Built with today’s learners in mind, the 2nd Edition to this acclaimed series is clearly aligned to Australian and Victorian Curriculum Mathematics, informed by the latest research and includes coding activities, 21st-century learning skills and STEM activities.

This edition is also designed to help build learner’s transferable skills as well as their explicit maths skills, to set them up for years 7–10 and beyond.

New and current content


This edition includes:

  • an eBook (available online and offline)
  • coding activities, aligned with the Victorian Curriculum Mathematics syllabus
  • content developed specifically to improve learner engagement
  • real-life data
  • updated texts, activities and design
  • clearly marked differentiation for year 10 and 10A content

In with the old


The best features of the acclaimed first edition still feature in the new edition. Such as open-ended questions that encourage creative mathematics thinking and extensive material, including maths games, investigations, problem-solving tasks, revision activities, practice questions and technology explorations.