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Pearson Mathematics 7-10 2nd Edition

Clearly aligned to the latest Australian Curriculum Mathematics as well as to the 2017 Victorian Curriculum Mathematics.

Accessibility for learners

Accessibility for learners

Pedagogical best practice and content informed by the latest research, including rich tasks, 21st-century learning skills and STEM activities.

Pearson Mathematics engages students

Engages students

Easy access to the new coding platform via Reader+ ensures that all students are able to develop their algorithmic thinking and coding skills within a real coding environment.

Pearson Mathematics new digital offering

New digital offering

This edition includes a new digital offering Lightbook Starter - an innovative digital resource developed to help students consolidate key concepts, assess their understanding and track their progress.

What's new?

The new edition is fully and clearly aligned to the latest Australian Curriculum Mathematics as well as to the 2017 Victorian Curriculum Mathematics.

We've also enhanced the series with improved differentiation to support learners of all abilities, with integrated STEM tasks, rich exploration tasks and coding activities. 

Pearson Mathematics Second Edition provides targeted support to help learners solve problems creatively and apply systematic reasoning.

Sample spread from Pearson Mathematics 7 Student Book
Sample spread from Pearson Mathematics 7 Student Book
  • A wide range of well graded and differentiated questions suitable for learners at different levels (including an increased number of questions and content for 'easier' levels).
  • Each Student Book comes with Reader+, a digital version of the student book, available for both online and offline use.
  • New mathematics focused algorithmic coding activities, aligned with the 2017 Victorian Curriculum Mathematics syllabus.
  • Refreshed content developed specifically to improve learner engagement.
  • Updated real life data for statistics topics.
  • Updated texts, activities and design.
  • Clearly marked differentiation for year 10 versus 10A content.

Retaining the best features of the acclaimed first edition

  • A focus on developing the learner’s understanding of key concepts and skills.
  • Open-ended questions that encourage creative mathematics thinking.
  • It is designed to encourage inquiry and problem solving in learners.
  • Extensive material, including maths games, investigations, problem solving tasks, revision activities, practice questions and technology explorations.
  • Student Books for Year 7 and Year 8 include a reusable mini-whiteboard to help encourage active participation from learners.
Sample spread Pearson Mathematics 9 Student Book
Sample spread from Pearson Mathematics 9 Student Book


Professional Development

Pearson Mathematics 7-10 Professional Development Workshops

Each workshop explores a different aspect of Pearson Mathematics and participants are welcome to register for their preferred workshop,
or for a significant discount, both workshops.

21st Century Learning with Pearson Mathematics
A dynamic and engaging exploration of 21C teaching and learning, through the lens of Pearson Mathematics.

Pearson Mathematics: Developing algorithmic thinking and reasoning skills through a coding environment
Delve into the Pearson Mathematics coding platform and transform how your students apply reasoning and algorithmic thinking skills
- in and out of the classroom.


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