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Presented by Peter Byrne

Learning about climate change and sustainability as if the planet matters. Tomorrow's climate, today's challenge.

Teaching students about climate change can be challenging. The topic can inflame passions and divide opinion. But educators across the globe are rising to the challenge of climate change education.

Learn how to tap into the pool of collective knowledge about the best ways to help students understand climate change and create a more sustainable future through an inquiry sequence approach.

Join Peter for this mini-webinar as he looks at constructing a Year 9 elective that can change the world, 'Our climate and food production: Living as if the planet matters'. Peter will explain how learning about sustainable development requires making the link between theory and practice, and encouraging forms of ‘environmental citizenship’ and the search for solutions.

Civics and citizenship

Presented by Jessica Battersby

Creating the active citizen? The antidote to apathy in teaching and learning about civics and citizenship

How can we encourage students to participate in order to make a real substantial change in our communities? Why aren’t more young people actively contributing to the development of a fairer, more sustainable, safer world? How can we turn apathy into action in our classrooms? How can we help others that want to be actively involved but aren't sure how to?

Join Jessica as she explores how to help students to be active local and global citizens. In this mini-webinar, we move past the formal democratic process, to skill and capability building for our future generations of leaders. Jessica will cover social media, making judgements and forming conclusions, and how to take action on issues that students can engage with.

Economics and business

Presented by Glenn Fischmann

Integrating enterprising behaviours and capabilities. Crafting electives that teach transferrable life skills and inspire students to enrich enterprise learning.

Are you looking to refine your economics and business subjects and help students develop meaningful, transferrable enterprise skills and behaviour?

Join Glenn as he shares his lessons learned from teaching on personal finance and careers, politics and economics, and accounting and business. Glenn will explore the types of tasks and unit design that can increase student engagement and help to best demonstrate their skills and knowledge, mimicking real-world challenges.

Glenn will also share how he is implementing skills and knowledge inspired by the VCAA and University of Melbourne's learning task and formative assessment rubric PD into his classroom and how this information has influenced how he prepares and teaches VCE students.


Presented by Catherine Hart

Time shifts – teaching cause, consequence and significance to move beyond history as a chronological narrative

The breadth of the Victorian History Curriculum can overwhelm teachers but there’s a way to navigate it using historical thinking concepts and skills.

Join Catherine in this session, and examine how to explicitly teach cause and consequence, and historical significance so that you can move beyond a chronological narrative and instead examine history in terms of the changes and continuities that emerge as we shift across and between time periods.

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Presenter Bios


Peter Byrne

Peter is a co-author of the Pearson Humanities Victoria series. He began writing professionally in 1999 and his work has been published in Australia and overseas. Peter has written textbooks, assessments, online learning material and teaching programs, with his main focus being Humanities in Years 7-12. A teacher by profession, Peter is currently working in the area of examination development. In his spare time, Peter is involved in the development of community coaches/volunteers as well as club management, with his achievements recently recognised by Cricket Australia and the Australian Sports Commission.


Jessica Battersby

Jessica is co-author of the Pearson Humanities Victoria series. She has been teaching for ten years including teaching English and Humanities to students in years 7-12 at Koonung Secondary College and Camberwell High School, interrupted by a year teaching in London.


Glenn Fischmann

Glenn is the Head of Business at Frankston High School and a teacher of Business, Accounting, Economics and Civics. This is his 13th year of full-time teaching. Glenn is a regular presenter at the VCTA’s COMVIEW conference. For the past year, he has been involved in the VCAA Civics Curriculum Development Project. This has reinforced his love of teaching civics and introduced him to a new love of developmental rubrics. Along with his wife Jessica, Glenn developed questions, teaching strategies and worked solutions for the Pearson Humanities Victoria series. He is passionate about creating challenging, engaging and interesting classroom activities for middle school students.


Catherine Hart

In a teaching career spanning 25 years Catherine has worked as a Senior Lecturer in History and Humanities Education in NSW and VIC Universities and has spent the last 10 years as a Secondary school teacher and Head of Department in Victorian Secondary Schools. She is regularly invited to present at HTAV Professional Development and Student Revision events and has published over 20 refereed academic papers on History teaching and learning. Catherine is a VCAA Revolutions Exam marker, is a passionate advocate for the teaching and learning of history in schools and enjoys collaborating with other teachers.

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