Explore the components of Pearson Humanities Victoria.

Student book


  • Provides comprehensive coverage for the Victorian humanities curriculum
  • Each student book comes with an eBook, a digital version of the student book, available for both online and offline use 
  • Visually engaging spread-based design
  • Each chapter features images, illustrations, infographics and source materials to engage and captivate for all learners
  • Self-contained skills toolkit chapters for each discipline cover key concepts and skills from the Victorian or Australian Curriculum for easy reference
  • All core chapters are supported by additional worksheets, solutions, teaching strategies, instructional rubrics, chapter tests and online interactives
  • Ideal for a semester-based approach. Or choose the option to customise for separate year-long courses or a tailored humanities solution made just for your school

eBook and Lightbook Starter


  • Electronic textbook that students can access on any device, online or offline
  • Content and digital interactives that enhance and extend the reading experience
  • Quick navigation, notes and bookmarks that help students engage on their devices
  • Add, edit, and delete highlights and notes to help learners organise content
  • Synchronise state and data across multiple devices even when the user is offline so that content is always up to date

Lightbook Starter

  • An innovative digital resource powered by Pearson's award-winning Lightbook technology. It has been developed to help you refresh and strengthen your knowledge of key concepts, assess student understanding and track class progress.
  • Huge variety of question types, stimulus material and interactivity catering to all learners
  • Two levels of hint support for each question so that students are supported when working independently
  • Track student progress by topic/chapter or Victorian Curriculum content descriptors so teachers could teach using their approach

Elements of the Lightbook Starter functionality are only accessible to students who are part of a participating Lightbook class. Full access to Lightbook Starter is only available to subscribing schools, and not for individual self study.

Teacher eBook


Designed to make lesson preparation easier by combining student book page references with a wealth of teacher support, to help you meet the demands of the Victorian Curriculum for humanities.

  • Includes classroom-ready support, allowing teachers to plan ahead with good visibility of what each chapter involves
  • Suggests learning strategies, learning intentions and teaching strategies to make lesson preparation easier
  • Includes answers (or suggested solutions) to every student book, worksheet or additional question to save you time
  • Extra printable templates and graphic organisers for practical classroom activities and research tasks