Pearson Humanities Victoria for years 7-10 is a series designed to support Victorian students and teachers with a comprehensive curriculum coverage of history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship.


The series has been created to engage and captivate students of all levels to learn about humanities and is designed to help all students reach their full study potential.


Our series features a wide range of engaging student activities to support all learners including:


  • “Did you know?” snippets
  • Captivating source material
  • Real-world scenarios
  • In-depth case studies and research
  • Visually appealing illustrations and infographics

Interactive and comprehensive


Student books, online assessments and teacher progress trackers to help teachers prepare for classes with ease.

The student books and online assessments are designed to help cover key knowledge and skills with assessment mapped closely to Victorian Curriculum content descriptors. This allows students to learn both online and offline, anytime, anywhere, in every school.


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Differentiated support


Our series helps teachers differentiate learning, by rethinking the way the humanities curriculum and learning activities are presented, to maximise student growth and individual success.

Our humanities solution provides teachers with:


  • Differentiation support for every chapter including printable worksheets and rubrics designed for students at a variety of learning ability levels
  • Additional teaching strategies including targeted and differentiated activity suggestions for students who are at level, above level, or below level
  • Teaching strategies for English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) students
  • Chapter glossaries to help build in specialist vocabulary

Literacy focus


The new solution uses clear language and explanations to simplify complex concepts.

There is a focus on clarity of ‘reading’ diagrams, timelines, maps and scaffolded chapter activities to assist students become more independent when learning humanities.


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Experienced authors and contributors


We understand subject-specific literacy and content specialisation is important in developing a new humanities solution for teachers.


That’s why Pearson Humanities Victoria has been developed by experienced teachers, authors and contributors with extensive collective knowledge of history, geography, economics and business, civics and citizenship.


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Flexible options


We’re providing teachers the option of a flexible customised solution to help engage students with topics of interest.

This enables you to select the chapters that suit your students, allowing you to teach however you like.

Choose to customise for separate year-long courses or opt for a tailored humanities solution made just for your school.