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Pearson History

Pearson History 7-10 built from the ground up 
for the Australian Curriculum

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Pearson History has been built from the ground up for History teachers as well as teachers who may have come from a SOSE or Humanities background. A team of over thirty practising teachers and educators from around Australia and the Asia Pacific have worked for two years to write, review and revise the subject matter to ensure a History resource that teachers and students will love.

We also invited fourteen education consultants representing History teachers nationally to review the text and provide invaluable feedback. This improved the literacy levels, history skills and inquiry-based approach of the series.

Pearson History
Pearson History

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content

We collaborated with the National Museum of Australia's expert affiliates to create a unique approach to addressing the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum perspective 'Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History'.

  • David Arnold - Education Manager, National Museum of Australia
  • Trish Albert - (former) Senior Indigenous Officer, National Museum of Australia
  • Lyn Beasley - (former) Manager - School Visits, National Museum of Australia

During the development of our Authentic Polynesian Content, we also worked with Rawiri Taonui, Professor of Indigenous Studies, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

Free teaching programs

Meet the requirements of the latest Australian Curriculum and Victorian Curriculum Humanities with Pearson History, using our comprehensive and free Teaching Programs.

Australian Curriculum

A free comprehensive Teaching Program is available to users of Pearson History. Civics & Citizenship and Economics & Business content is available for those schools who require it. Speak to your Pearson Sales Consultant to find out more.

Victorian Curriculum

A free comprehensive Teaching Program is available to Victorian users of Pearson History. The program will demonstrate how the Skills and Content Descriptions of the Victorian Curriculum: Humanities are met through use of Pearson History.

Civics & Citizenship and Business & Economics content is available for you to use. Speak to your Pearson Sales Consultant to find out more.

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Pearson History teacher program

Pearson History teacher program

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Discover the components

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