Pearson Geography 7-10 Series Overview

Pearson Geography Header Series Overview
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Quality content developed by expert educators from all over Australia.

Pearson Geography is built from the ground up specifically for the Australian Curriculum: Geography. Written and reviewed by a team of over 20 trained and qualified geography teachers from around Australia. The lead author for the student books, Grant Kleeman, is a consultant and advisor for the F-10 Australian Curriculum: Geography and a main writer for Australian Curriculum: Geography Senior.



Easily navigated, highly visual and caters to a wide range of capabilities.

Pearson Geography has been designed to be easy to use. Chapters are broken up into two or four page spreads that can be covered in a lesson. There has been careful selection of illustrative material, which will appeal to students. A literacy review of the student book was conducted to ensure: 
• a close connection between text and images 
• sentence structure and language choice was

Personalised, localised and even customised.

We ensured that we included state based case studies for VIC, QLD, WA, SA and TAS and field trips in Pearson Geography to personalise the learning experience for students in each state.

We also give you the option of tailoring Pearson Geography to your needs by choosing the chapters you want in your own customised student book.