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Teach the WA Chemistry & Physics Syllabuses
with confidence.

Comprehensive and accessible

Comprehensive and accessible

Specifically created to be comprehensive and accessible for students, engaging them with content written by leading Western Australian educators. 

Teacher support is just a click away

Teacher support is just a click away

To save you time and help you meet the syllabus requirements, we've developed Teacher Resources. These include fully editable teacher programs, curriculum grids, detailed answers, practical activities and more.

New digital offering

New digital offering

Each Student Book comes with an eBook. Get access to full Student Book content as well as bonus multimedia assets. Built to work both online and offline.

Current and engaging content that supports WA learners.

  • Written for the WA Chemistry and Physics syllabuses. 
  • Intuitive and engaging design. 
  • Created specifically for WA students.
  • Clearly lists Science understanding and Science as a human endeavour in each chapter.
  • Helps students prepare for exams with a comprehensive set of exam-style questions.
  • Each Student Book comes with an eBook
Pearson Chemistry Physics WA Student Books
Sample page from Pearson Physics WA

Developed by highly experienced, well-known and expert author teams.

Written by teachers who understand WA senior science classrooms. Authored and reviewed by a team of qualified and experienced educators including, Geoff Quinton and Greg Moran.

In consultation with the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA).

Pearson Chemistry and Pearson Physics Western Australia can be used alongside STAWA Exploring Chemistry and Exploring Physics. This ensures full and comprehensive coverage of the required Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Understanding content.


Teachers are further supported with Teaching Programs and Syllabus Grids that link these resources in an integrated, coherent and effective way.


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Discover the components


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