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What are the changes from NESA?

What are the changes?

The original vector notation used within the syllabus included an arrow above the variable, such as for velocityoriginal vector notation. For simplicity, the syllabus has now removed this notation, although there are some exceptions.

  1. Vectors can be represented in a multitude of different ways. For instance, that same velocity vector can be written as velocity vector velocity vector v or v. As students continue their education in physics, they will come across and become familiar with the many different representations of vectors.


  2. Regardless of the way a vector is represented, it’s important for students to understand that the same rules apply when completing any calculation involving vectors. A vector is a variable which has both a magnitude and a direction. It’s important for physicists to be able to understand the underlying physical processes to decide when a variable is described by a vector.

For the latest syllabus information and updates, visit the NESA website.


In order to navigate these changes, we’ve provided the following:

How to navigate these changes

  1. A summary of the changes mapped to where they affect the Pearson Physics 11 New South Wales Student Book - download here


  2. Updates to the highlight and information boxes which can be printed out to accompany the Pearson Physics 11 New South Wales Student Book. These draw attention to the different ways vectors can be treated - download here 



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