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Pearson Biology NSW Student Book 11

Sue Siwinski

Senior Biology Teacher, Former Head of Department, HSC Biology Marker. Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Diploma of Education

Zoë Armstrong

Research scientist. Qualifications: Master of Conservation Biology, Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Biodiversity

Wayne Deeker

Science writer. Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Ecology), Graduate Diploma, Science Communication

Anna Madden

Senior Biology (inc IB) teacher, Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Heather Maginn

Qualifications: Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences (Honours in Marine Biology), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary)

Katherine McMahon

Senior Biology Teacher. Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Biological Science), Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)

Kate Naughton

Research Scientist. Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Honours), Diploma of Creative Arts, PhD (Science)


Pearson Biology NSW Skills and Assessment Activity Book 11 and 12

Yvonne Sanders

Experienced Senior Biology Teacher and Head of Science, Experienced author Qualifications: BEd(Science)

Pearson Chemistry NSW Student Book 11

Drew Chan

Current title: Senior Chemistry Teacher, President of the Chemistry Education Association Qualifications: BEng (Chem) / BSci (Hons), DipEd (secondary)

Jim Sturgiss

Senior Chemistry and Physics Teacher, HSC Senior Marker and Judge. Qualifications: BSc (Chemistry and Bioenergetics), Dip Ed, M.Ed (Hons)

Kathryn Hillier

Chemistry Teacher/ Lecturer, Qualifications: BSc Chemistry (+Honours); Grad Dip Ed (Science); PhD History and Philosophy of Science

Louise Lennard

Senior Chemistry Teacher, Qualifications: Grad dip(Human Nutrition), Bachelor of App Science and Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Paul Waldron

Senior Chemistry Teacher, Qualifications: Graduate diploma of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)

Bob Hogendoorn

Senior Chemistry Teacher, previous Chief Examiner in Victoria, Experienced Author

Pat O'Shea

Senior Chemistry Teacher and Deputy Principal, Experienced Author

Maria Porter

Senior IB/Chemistry teacher Qualifications: B Sc, Dip Ed

Patrick Sanders

Head of Science Faculty and Head of Chemistry Qualifications: Masters of Teaching, Bachelor of Science

Mick Moylan

Chemistry Lecturer, Project Officer of the Chemistry Education Association, BSc(Hons), MSc in Chemistry, GradCert in Tertiary Teaching.

Richard Hecker

Qualifications: B.Sc.(Hons1), Ph.D.

Associate Professor Reuben Bolt

Reviewer: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Content. Currently the Director of the Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit, UNSW.

Qualifications: PhD; Master of Media Arts and Production; Graduate Certificate in Management; Bachelor of Health Science (Aboriginal Health and community Development) Hons


Pearson Chemistry NSW Skills and Assessment Activity Book 11 &12 

Elissa Huddart (Year 11)

Senior Chemistry Teacher, Experienced Author. Qualifications: BSc, DipEd and MEd (Curriculum studies)

Penny Commons (Year 12)

Chemistry Lecturer and Tutor, Experienced Senior Chemistry Teacher, Experienced Author. Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Dip Ed.


Pearson Physics NSW Student Book 11

Jeff Stanger

Head Teacher Science, NSW Department of Education. Qualifications: BSci, DipEd, GCert Sci (Astronomy), Author

Amber Dommel

Assistant Science Coordinator and Senior Physics Teacher, Qualifications: BSc major physics, BEd, STEM Club Coordinator , Gifted and Talented Course

Norbert Dommel

Senior Systems Engineer, Biomedical Engineering Qualifications: Ph.D.(Biomedical Engineering), BASc (Electrical Engineering)

Mark Hamilton

Senior Physics Teacher, Qualifications: BSci, DipEd

David Madden

Qualifications, Bachelor of Applied Science (Physics), Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Currently Learning Area Manager, QCAA

Kristen Hebden

Senior Physics Teacher and STEM Integrator (K-12). Qualifications: Grad Dip Ed (Secondary), B Sc (Physics and Mathematics), B Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical Engineering)


Pearson Physics NSW Skills and Assessment Activity Book 11 & 12

Doug Bail

Education Consultant, Experienced Senior Physics Teacher and Mentor Qualifications: B. App Sci, Grad Dip Ed

John Joosten

Experienced Senior Physics Teacher, Qualifications: BSc, BEd, Grad Dip Ed Admin, Master of Computing

Brianna Hore

Senior Physics Teacher, Qualifications: Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), Grad Dip Ed