Meet our authors

J. B. Fitzpatrick

Author of New Senior Mathematics

J.B. Fitzpatrick’s book New Senior Mathematics, released in 1983, was so popular it remained in print for almost 30 years. It stood the test of time thanks to the quality, rigour and variety of questions, as well as its accuracy and high mathematical standards.

As Fitzpatrick wrote in 1983, “Mathematics, like many other things, is best learnt by doing. A student begins to appreciate the power of mathematics when he or she has achieved a mastery of basic techniques, not after reading lengthy explanations … The emphasis throughout the book is on the understanding of mathematical concepts.”

Bob Aus

Author of New Senior Mathematics, 2nd Edition and New Senior Mathematics, 3rd Edition

Bob Aus taught in New South Wales high schools for 40 years, retiring in 2007. Aus taught all courses from years 7-12 up to Level 1/4 unit/Extension 2. He has marked HSC examination papers and has been involved in the Standards Setting Process as Judge and Chief Judge for the three calculus-based courses over four years.

Aus’s first publication was in 1983. He has been involved in writing a range of textbooks and study guides since then, including revising and updating the New Senior Mathematics series in 2013. He was also involved in writing the Pearson National Curriculum books for years 7–10.