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NOTICE: VCAA Biology Study Design Delay

VCAA has announced a 12-month extension to the accreditation period of the newly accredited 2021–2025 VCE Biology Study Design as a response to Covid-19.

This delay means that Heinemann Biology 1 and 2, 6th Edition will now be published by Pearson Australia in Term 3, 2021 to support implementation in 2022.

Heinemann Biology 1 and 2, 5th Edition is available to you in the meantime, featuring the workbooks with engaging practical activities, worksheets and study notes.

The VCE study designs for Chemistry and Physics are currently under review by VCAA and are now planned for delivery by schools in 2023 (rather than 2022). Heinemann Chemistry 1 and 2, 5th Edition and Heinemann Physics 11 and 12, 4th Edition are current and available until the new study design is implemented.

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