VCE Science Student Photo Competition

The winning student photos will be featured in Heinemann Chemistry 6th edition and Heinemann Physics 5th edition!

*Competition extended until 10 October 2021*

Take a brain break with the Pearson Science Photo Competition 2021

To celebrate Science Week 2021, Pearson is asking current and future VCE Science students across Victoria to take a brain break, grab a camera, get inspired and snap a photo!

What can I win?

Your science-related picture, printed in a Heinemann Science textbook!

  • The two winning Chemistry images will win a place in the next edition of Heinemann Chemistry 6th edition.
  • The two winning Physics images will win a place in the next edition of Heinemann Physics 5th edition!

Winners will be contacted by email by 24 October 2021.


Who can participate?

Entrants must be a current or future VCE Science student in Years 10, 11 or 12 at the time the photograph is captured, and have a valid and current student identification that could be asked for at the time of judging.


What do I need to submit?

A captivating photograph with a caption. The caption should not exceed 200 characters and must relate the image to a key concept in the current VCE Chemistry or Physics Study Designs. Both elements must be produced by the entrant.

For Chemistry, Unit 4 Area of Study 2 What is the Chemistry of Food? is likely to be removed from the Chemistry Study Design from 2023.
Please refrain from submitting photos in this area.

Winning Entries
Winning student photos from 2020 in Heinemann Biology 6th edition

How do I enter?

Students must enter by completing the online entry form below and uploading their photograph by 10 October 2021. Each student may submit one entry for Chemistry and one entry for Physics.

Competition terms and conditions

Ready for a brain break? Grab your camera, phone or tablet and get snapping!