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NOTICE: VCAA Physics Study Design Delay
The accreditation period for Units 1 and 2 has been extended and expires 31 December 2022. The accreditation period for Units 3 and 4 has been extended and also expires 31 December 2022. Heinemann Physics 1 and 2, 4th edition are current and available until the new study design is implemented.

VCE Science Student Photo Competition 2021

The winning student photos will be featured in Heinemann Chemistry 6th edition and Heinemann Physics 5th edition!

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Student book

Our highly experienced author team have created student books that are fully aligned with the 2016-2022 VCE Physics Study Design.

The series includes the very latest developments and applications of physics and incorporates best practice literacy and instructional design to ensure the content concepts are fully accessible to all students.




Built with today’s classrooms in mind, this acclaimed series combines digital and physical texts.

The eBook gives you access to the electronic version of your Student Book. It’s built to work both online and offline making content easily available anytime, anywhere in every school.

Learners can quickly navigate through their eBooks to read, take notes and save bookmarks.




Give students opportunities to practise and consolidate key knowledge with the workbooks.

Key features include:

  • key knowledge summaries
  • worksheets
  • practical activities
  • assessment practice.

Opportunity is provided throughout to develop and apply key skills in preparation for all forms of assessment.


Teacher resources 

Comprehensive support for teachers is available and includes a curriculum grid, a teaching program, fully worked solutions to all student book questions and practice exams. A wealth of support for online practical activities and the Area of Study 3 Practical Investigation is available.  Teacher resources for the workbooks can also be accessed on Pearson Places. 

"They know they are getting the material that they are going to need to know – what they will be assessed on."

Stacy Pouliot, Marian College




Heinemann Physics 11 4th edition Student book 

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Heating processes


Heinemann Physics 11 Workbook 

Table of contents

Sample pages


Heinemann Physics 12 4th edition Student book 

Table of contents

Sample pages


Heinemann Physics 12 Workbook 

Table of contents

Sample pages