Your one-stop shop to VCE Biology success with the 2022–2026 study design

Heinemann Biology 6th edition, available in 2021, is your one-stop shop for VCE Biology.

The long-trusted series provides quality content that completely covers the 2022-2026 Biology Study Design. All expertly authored content offers the rigour and depth required to address the new VCE requirements, saving you time and making your transition to the new study design easy.

Offering new features to address your emerging needs, the 6th edition has also retained the features you loved in the 5th edition. It provides digital assessment, a clear and well-paced layout, language more accessible to students, comprehensively addressed key science skills, past VCAA exam questions with examiners' notes and all the resources and teacher support needed to transition to the new study design with confidence.


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Using Heinemann Biology 6th edition to implement the new study design

NOTICE: VCAA Biology Study Design Delay

In May 2020, VCAA announced a 12-month extension to the accreditation period of the newly accredited 2021–2025 VCE Biology Study Design as a response to COVID-19.

This delay means that Heinemann Biology 1 and 2, 6th edition will now be published by Pearson Australia in Term 3, 2021 to support implementation in 2022.

The VCE study designs for Chemistry and Physics are currently under review by VCAA and are now planned for delivery by schools in 2023 (rather than 2022). Heinemann Chemistry 1 and 2, 6th edition and Heinemann Physics 11 and 12, 5th edition will be published for implementation of the new study design.


“Heinemann Biology gives an excellent foundation for VCE students fueling their passion for the subject and equips them for first year biology and beyond. This is certainly a book you’d want to keep handy as a student and also as an educator!” 

Saw Hoon Lim | Senior Lecturer | School of Biomedical Sciences | University of Melbourne


Transition to the 2022–2026 Biology Study Design with confidence and ease

High quality content aligned to the study design


  • All content offers the rigour and depth required to address the new VCE requirements
  • Written by expert authors and meticulously curated by an experienced publishing team
  • Key science skills are comprehensively addressed throughout the series via the skills-focused chapter 1 in the student book, case studies, case studies, skills toolkit and online assessment that seamlessly ties chapter content to key science skills
  • Carefully designed teacher support builds the confidence for a smooth transition


Meet the authors

Accessible content design for all students


  • Clear, well-paced layout and design for effortless navigation through the content, such as moving back and forth between text and images without losing track of key concepts
  • Use of concise and accessible language
  • Removal of non-essential content and reduced caption length
  • Smooth progression from low to high order questions following a carefully scaffolded approach
  • Case studies incorporate real-world data with analysis and evaluation to bring science to life for learners
  • Fully worked solutions including explanations for all multiple-choice questions

Prepares learners for assessment and a future in science


  • The *new* Skills and Assessment book supports learners with study notes, updated worksheets and practical activities as well as reflection worksheets for each area of study
  • Educator-designed SPARKlabs provide interactive lab activities that guide learners through the process of inquiry and investigation, promoting critical thinking and group discussion
  • Inclusion of VCAA questions with examiner notes
  • Adaptable practice exams to ensure teachers can access and use these to suit their learners
  • Online assessment provides hundreds more questions, giving students more opportunities to apply understanding and get instant feedback
  • Online progress tracker gives teachers a clear overview of student progress enabling more targeted support

Your one-stop shop for resources


  • Teacher support to save you time and build confidence implementing the new study design
  • Student book (available now!) to address the latest developments and applications in biology, also incorporating best-practice literacy and learning design to ensure the content and concepts are fully accessible to all learners
  • Skills and assessment book (available now!) provides students with an edge in applying key science skills and preparing for all forms of assessment
  • Enhanced eBook (coming soon!) with assessment saves teachers and learners time by providing content and assessment in one simple to use platform