Updated to meet the Media VCE Study Design


The clear, concise style combined with the best content means that Heinemann Media, 3rd Edition supports learners of all abilities.

Covering Units 1–4 in one text including  content on Australian Stories, Narratives & Ideology, and issues in the media. End of chapter assessment tasks consolidate understanding.

Includes exclusive digital features, giving access to videos and a suite of online teacher support materials.

Written by Victoria’s leading minds in Media Studies


  • Roger Dunscombe - Lead author. Chairman of Australian Teachers of Media Studies (ATOM) 
  • Victoria Giumarra - Board Member at ATOM
  • Brett Lamb - Experienced Media teacher, blogger and presenter 
  • Kevin Tibaldi - Board Member at ATOM 
  • Robert Young - Education Officer at ATOM

Preparing students for the study design


Heinemann Media, 3rd Edition is designed to upskill and prepare students for the Media study design and assessment requirements. Updated content, case studies and examples, practice assessment tasks and sample questions are just a few ways we help prepare students.

Saving you time


To save you time this edition also comes with a wealth of online teacher support and resources including:

  • Worksheets on story and production
  • Exam Support
  • Assessment tasks
  • Teaching programs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts