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Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales

Australian Signpost Mathematics NSW 7-10

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Retaining the best of Signpost Maths that teachers love

The well-known Signpost Mathematics has been updated for the NSW syllabus for the Australian Curriculum and we've vastly improved it with technology and teaching support.

We've retained the much loved style and approach using a flexible structure with carefully graded exercises, colour-coded to indicate the level of difficulty. It integrates a broad range of mathematical skills, expanding students' ability to problem solve, work mathematically and investigate. You'll also find diagnostic tests, chapter reviews and cumulative reviews in every chapter.

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What's new?

Develop inquiring minds

New exploration activities, with detailed teaching notes, ideal for inquiry-based learning, open-ended investigation and small group work. Exploration STEM activities have been co-written by scientists together with experienced teachers.

Build skills for the future

Exploration coding helps learners to develop reasoning skills with computational thinking, algorithms and logical problem-solving. Work in a live coding environment to solve mathematical tasks.

Change the way students see maths

New and updated interactives and dynamic maths tools help learners see Maths in a new light. New videos and animations help to explain and demonstrate key ideas.

Updated teaching program documents

Provide teachers with a comprehensive guide to planning maths topics, utilising the full resources and materials available with Australian Signpost Maths, and comprehensively following the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.



Now more than ever, you have the power and flexibility to harness technology on your own terms. 

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Make the most of new and constantly updated features and inspire a love of learning in your classrooms.

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