Elevating teacher expertise

Pearson Mathology TEACH, is an easy-to-use, flexible online planning and formative assessment tool for teachers containing rich maths activities and pedagogical supports.

Search, plan, teach, assess

Mathology TEACH helps teachers:

  • Search for high-quality lessons within Mathology and/or add your own favourite lessons
  • Create your own lesson plans or use our weekly and yearly plans
  • Teach using Mathology Activity Cards and/or Mathology Little Books, as well as digital assets and tools for differentiation.
  • Assess and track students with a simple-to-use, practical, and powerful assessment tool
  • Access short, in-the-moment professional learning videos anytime, anywhere

Teacher Companions for support and planning

Mathology TEACH Teaching Companions provide comprehensive lesson support including:

  • Easy reference to all Mathology F-2 lessons
  • Detailed curriculum mappings for all Australian states
  • Formative assessment rubrics
  • Lesson warm-up ideas
  • A choice of exit tickets strategies

There are two Teaching Companions to support teachers’ use of Mathology TEACH.

  • Pearson Mathology F-2 Teaching Companion: Number, Patterns and Algebra
  • Pearson Mathology F-2 Teaching Companion: Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability


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Pearson Mathematics Learning Progression F-3

The learning progression shows the, development and connections between the key concepts across strands for F-3.

This printed reference gives teachers access to the complete Learning Progression that underpins all Mathology lessons to assist with lesson planning and identification of differentiation needs.

Organised by:

  • Strand
  • Big idea
  • Conceptual threads and indicators


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