Maths-first literature to unpack the important maths concepts for young learners


Mathology Little Books are fiction and non-fiction books for years F-2. Each title focuses on a BIG idea in maths and includes a supporting Teacher’s Guide. There are 54 x Mathology F-2 Little Books available and they are suitable as stand-alone resources or integrated throughout Mathology TEACH

The Mathology Little Books are sold in title packs that include:

  • 6 x print copies of the same title
  • Easy access to a digital copy via QR code
  • Related interactive activity
  • 1 x print Teacher's Guide

Each title focuses on a different Big Idea in maths

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Access digital eBooks and audio via QR Code

Mathology Little Books are also available as digital eBooks including both audio and an interactive activity.

Each eBook is accessible via a QR code on the back of the book without the need for a student to sign in.

The in-built audio ensures students can engage with the story and maths concepts regardless of their reading ability. It also supports the use of books in learning groups without regular teacher involvement.

Teacher's Guides

A Teacher's Guide booklet is included in each Mathology Little Book pack.

  • Detailed discussion points to use while reading
  • Differentiation tips
  • Hands-on classroom activity ideas for consolidating maths concepts.
  • Cross-strand maths focus

Curriculum correlation grids

We’ve mapped every Mathology Little Book and Lesson to the Australian and state curricula.

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