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Pearson Mathology F-2 is a flexible, research-based maths resource for teachers to help engage students, differentiate lessons and conduct effective formative assessment.

  • Focused on learning by doing
  • Engaging hands-on activities
  • Ongoing formative assessment and differentiation
  • Based on an underlying mathematics learning progression.


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Mathology Little Books

Help build maths confidence and success in young learners with our Mathology Little Books F-2. Each title focuses on a Big Idea in maths and includes a supporting Teacher’s Guide. Suitable as a stand-alone resource and integrated throughout Mathology TEACH.


Mathology TEACH - Coming soon!

The heart of Pearson Mathology F-2 is Mathology TEACH, an intuitive online planning, teaching and assessment tool that contains rich, hands-on maths activities and pedagogical supports to help all teachers engage students, differentiate lessons and conduct effective formative assessment.

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Comprehensive teacher support

Mathology Little Books Teacher’s Guides

Each Mathology Teacher’s Guide is developed to maximise your resources and simplify planning and running of maths lessons. A Teacher's Guide booklet is included in each Mathology Little Book pack and features:

  • Detailed discussion points to use while reading
  • Differentiation tips
  • Hands-on classroom activity ideas for consolidating maths concepts.
  • Cross-strand maths focus

Pearson Mathology F-2 Teaching Companions

There are two printed Mathology Teaching Companions available for years F-2:

  • Number, Patterns and Algebra strands
  • Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability strands.

Pearson Mathematics Learning Progression F-3

The learning progression shows the, development and connections between the key concepts across strands for F-3 and can assist with lesson planning and identification of differentiation needs.

Organised by:

  • Strand
  • Big idea
  • Conceptual threads and indicators

Professional learning

Teacher professional learning in maths and maths pedagogy is available for all Pearson Mathology TEACH activities via bite-sized in-the-moment videos.

Schools purchasing annual subscriptions to Mathology TEACH are also eligible for a FREE half-day Pearson Mathology professional learning session.