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Mathology F-2

Give every young learner a strong maths foundation

Mathology Little Books for F-2 provide maths-first literature to unpack the important maths concepts for young learners

Explore Mathology Little Books F-2

Flexible and easy to follow

Help build confidence in young learners with our Mathology Little Books F-2.

These Little Books provide maths-first literature to unpack important maths concepts and help build a solid foundation for maths in young learners.

Books can be chosen based on a child's or a group's level of maths understanding as they're presented along a progression of learning. Little Books can be used alongside any maths program to enrich lessons.

Flexible and easy to follow
Engaging and accessible content to suit F-2 learners

Engaging and accessible content to suit F-2 learners

Little Books allow for differentiation and use in multi-ability and multi-age classrooms.

The Little Book activities allow you to focus on the progression of maths learning rather than being confined to a single year level or curriculum point, giving students an impactful learning experience.

Teacher support

We'll help you every step of the way with our Teacher's Guides, offering a variety of activities and practical support for planning and teaching hands-on maths lessons.

Teacher Guides provide scaffolded, hands-on activities with concrete materials, with no need for workbooks or worksheets.

There are also downloadable Line Master resources for each Mathology Little Book which can be accessed via Pearson Places.

Free curriculum grids

Australian curriculum correlation grid

New South Wales curriculum correlation grid

Victorian curriculum correlation grid

Western Australian curriculum correlation grid

Teacher support
Based on research and tested in classrooms

Based on research and tested in classrooms

We've tested and optimised every Mathology Little Book activity in classrooms with continuous teacher involvement, both pre- and post-implementation.

Little Books combine insights from teacher interviews, focus groups, and classroom observations with the best of academic research and pedagogical approaches. So you can feel confident that these Little Books and Teacher's Guides are created using the latest research and feedback from teachers just like you.