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Australian Signpost Maths NSW

The Australian Signpost Maths series includes Student Activity Books, Teacher's Books, Mentals and digital resources for Years K-6.


Sample spread from Australian Signpost Maths NSW 3
Student Activity Book

Student Activity Books

  • Exercises are well graded. New work is reinforced in the Mentals Book.
  • Answers are supplied in the Teacher’s Books and also in the back of the Year 3-6 Student Activity Books (SABs).
  • The Progress (K-1) and Diagnostic (2-6) Tests (now in the SABs as well as the Teacher’s Book) allow the teacher to discover each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and the cross-references direct students to the pages where that work is introduced. Answers are supplied in the Teacher’s Book.
  • The Dictionary at the beginning of this Student Activity Book will help students to learn the language of mathematics.
  • ID Cards (in the Mentals Book, Teacher’s Book and Website) review the language of mathematics by asking students to identify common terms, shapes and symbols.
  • Important rules and concepts are clearly highlighted.
  • Worked examples and explanations are given throughout the Student Activity Book where new ideas are introduced.
  • The use of colour makes emphasis clear and is highly motivating.
  • Cartoons give instruction and friendly advice.
  • Interactive Activities are provided on the website for whole-class, small-group and individual learning.

Teacher's Books

  • Complete year’s work with full coverage of the curriculum
  • Curriculum links and descriptions for every lesson
  • Reproduced Student Activity Book pages with answers
  • Teaching suggestions, extension ideas, vocabulary lists, digital and print resources and evaluations for every lesson
  • Extensive diagnostic assessment with answers
  • Pedagogical background and suggested program
  • Remediation records
  • ID Cards to review the language of Mathematics
  • Blackline masters and worksheets
Australian Signpost Maths NSW Teacher's Books

Australian Signpost Maths Mentals

Sample spread from Australian Signpost Maths NSW 4 Mentals


  • Differentiated mixed-topic questions
  • Explanation of essential skills
  • Incorporation of real-life situations
  • ID Cards to review the language of mathematics
  • Quirky, engaging cartoons and illustrations to motivate students


  • New Concept Check-In diagnostic screening tests, analysis and tracked reporting
  • New digital maths tools and activities that can be used on all devices
  • Interactive games and practice examples re-worked to be suitable for all devices
  • Easy access to all worksheets and assessments
  • New Teacher planning and recording documents for AC, NSW and Victorian Curriculums.
Australian Signpost Maths digital resources

Sample Pages

Sample Pages


Inspection Copy

Inspection Copy



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