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Australian Signpost Mathematics - new edition

The best of both worlds
Australian Signpost Maths NSW for Kindergarten to Year 6


A longtime favourite with teachers, Australian Signpost Maths NSW now features resources to help you take maths learning into the digital age and meet the latest assessment requirements.


Our new digital resources help make maths engaging and are free to users of Australian Signpost Maths NSW student books.


Australian Signpost Maths NSW Student Activity Books

Know your students

  • Understand the abilities of your class and how they grow over time with the Concept Check-In diagnostic assessment tool
  • Get alerts to student needs with the new student activity book ‘traffic light’ system
  • Access progress/diagnostic tests - now included inside student activity books

Lead engaging lessons

  • Use the student activity book as your program foundation and add digital assets to move learning online
  • Demonstrate concepts with digital maths tools
  • Help students practice on their own devices using interactive games, tools and practice questions

Assign meaningful homework

  • Consolidate learning with questions from the mentals books
  • Reinforce class learning with an accessible, consistent, and manageable homework approach

Plan lessons confidently

  • Simplify planning with the teacher’s book one-page-per-lesson planning resource
  • Gain understanding of the maths behind each lesson
  • Get ideas for classroom activities using print and digital resources
  • Check curriculum coverage, and access teacher planning and recording documents

Lean on experienced authors

  • Led by Alan McSeveny, one of Australia’s leading writers of maths textbooks
  • Featuring primary mathematics specialists Rachel McSeveny, Diane McSeveny-Foster, Alan Parker, and Erika Johnson

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Sample Pages

Sample Pages


Inspection Copy

Inspection Copy



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