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Recorded webinar: The 'how' of teaching writing.



On the 31 July 2018 we ran a live webinar on the topic of wellbeing and literacy. Want to access the recording? Click here to register.

About the webinar



This webinar provides an introduction to the Writing Workshop - a predictable framework designed to provide the perfect combination of whole-class, small-group and one-on-one instruction, along with ample opportunities for independent practice.

The following topics will be covered in this webinar:

  • Writer’s workshop overview and purpose
  • The structure of the workshop- including the components of the mini lesson
  • Conferring and small group explicit instruction
  • Resources that have made a difference to the how of teaching writing​

About the presenter: Lynne Ord-Oraniuk

Lynne has been a classroom teacher, literacy coach and is now in an Assistant Principal Role (Teaching and Learning). She was first introduced to the Writer’s Workshop model in 2005 and after her Master of Instructional Leadership in 2014 she has spent time researching evidence-based programs and working with staff in classrooms to implement writing programs that ignite passion in young writers as well as explicitly teaching the skills and strategies they need to produce quality pieces of writing.


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