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Word Up

Teach Australian Curriculum: English Grammar and Spelling to students of all abilities with these engaging, differentiated student activity books for students in Foundation to Year 6.


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Word Up! is a flexible, energetic student activity series that promotes listening, speaking, reading and writing through a diverse range of open and closed activities. Each skill is introduced through varied and engaging texts that stimulate critical and imaginative thinking.

Word Up! Grammar demonstrates how grammar features and structures work at a word, sentence and text level. Word Up! Spelling is a structured and sequential spelling program that supports learning about sounds, words and how they are spelled. Each book is anchored to a clear learning scope and sequence.


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Sample spread from Word Up Grammar 2
Sample spread from Word Up! Grammar 2
Sample spread from Word Up Spelling 6
Sample spread from Word Up! Spelling 6

Structure and Units

Students learn about the varying structures of different types of text. They recognise, for example, sound - letter matches through exciting narratives, learn about onomatopoeia through colourful haikus and learn the art of persuasion through modal verbs and emotive language.

Each Word Up! book contains an annotated unit structure, scope and sequence and 25 units of work. Each Word Up! Grammar book provides a glossary and each Word Up! Spelling book provides a Sound Chart. Improving grammar and spelling results within the context of the Australian Curriculum is now achievable, through integrating one unit of both Grammar and Spelling per week with your current literacy program.

Key features

  • 25 four-page units per book allows for a great deal of practice. All students access learning through activities that become gradually more difficult with less student support.
  • Word Up! is written specifically for the AC. The Scope and Sequence map at the start of each book links each unit's sample text to the key content descriptions, the general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities.
  • At the end of each unit students are asked to create their own texts, so Word Up! acts as a student's own writing log, an invaluable assessment tool for teachers.
  • Word Up! is built to appeal to its target year levels. Blogs, treasure maps, film reviews, ballads and interviews all feature. Humour is ever present throughout - introduce the likes of 'Little Rude Riding Hood' and 'Dreamy Dusty Dangerfield' to your class through sample texts.
  • Australian Curriculum series Word Up! Grammar & Spelling can now be customised to fit your school's requirements. Hand pick units to create a tailored solution for your students.
Sample spread from Word Up Spelling 2
Sample spread from Word Up! Spelling 2

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