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Synthetic Phonics


Recorded webinar: An overview of synthetic phonics



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About the webinar



Receive expert guidance and develop an understanding of the principles underpinning the teaching of synthetic phonics.


  • Overview of the principles underpinning the teaching of synthetic phonics
  • Explore the key concepts and terminology required for the effective and systematic teaching of phonics
  • Learn how synthetic phonics differs from other ways of teaching phonics
  • Understand the benefits of synthetic phonics instruction and how this should be linked to the reading of real books
  • Consider how the Phonics Screening Check can be used to assess children's synthetic phonics knowledge.

About the presenter: Jude Edwards

Jude EdwardsJude has worked as a classroom teacher, deputy-head teacher and head teacher in the primary and middle school sectors. She has been part of the Pearson UK primary training team since 2011 helping school leaders, teachers, and support staff to develop their expertise in literacy and intervention.

Jude is passionate about standards of teaching and learning in the classroom. She recognises that high-quality ongoing professional development is essential in keeping teachers and students excited and energised about their learning.

She loves the buzz of classrooms and the privilege of the training room where she brings helpful and balanced perspectives on both the pedagogy and the practical aspects of day-to-day teaching.


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