Sails Literacy


Developed by leading educationalists and authors Jill Eggleton and the late Jo Windsor, and enjoyed by children in Australia and around the world.

With levelled books and resources from Pre-Emergent through to Additional Fluency, Sails Literacy is the perfect program for Guided Reading and Writing, Shared and Independent Reading. Fiction and Nonfiction texts with humour and bright, colourful sophisticated designs that hook the reader and arouse curiosity.

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First Wave - Reading Levels 1-2

Guided reading for pre-emergent readers.


First Wave is the perfect place to begin. Introduce young readers to high-frequency words and phrases with Sails Literacy’s First Wave. A total of 96 titles support your students as they move from simple captions to more complex sentences. First Wave is ideal for class use and take-home reading programs.


Every First Wave guided reading book is finely levelled and features guide notes on visual literacy, critical thinking, phonological patterns and language features. Spelling skills are also developed with clear connections to the text through use of sample questions.


The teacher’s resource CD provides guide notes for all the titles in the First Wave series. Checklists are also provided to help educators assess and evaluate students’ literacy progress in oral, written and visual language as well as high frequency words and phonological patterns. Focus words of the series also have independent reinforcing activities.


Components: 96 readers, Teacher Resource CD


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Sails Literacy - Reading Levels 1-26

A comprehensive reading series for Foundation to Year 4 students


Sails Literacy is the ideal resource for guided reading and writing, reciprocal reading and independent reading.


  • Analytical thinking skills are promoted
  • Engaging visuals and subjects motivate students
  • Decoding and comprehension skills are developed
  • Understanding of fiction and nonfiction is stimulated
  • Understanding of purpose, structure and text types is promoted
  • Fluent levels will challenge competent readers with a variety of text types including fiction, persuasive texts, reports, reviews, explanations and written debates


Components: over 350 guided readers, big books, audio CDs for shared reading, poetry CDs, teacher resource books & CDs, blackline master books.


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Sails Literacy Shared Readers - (Big Books/Small Books)

Shared readers are available in both big book and small book versions. There are shared readers for emergent, early and fluent levels. Books feature rich stories with rhythm, rhyme, magic, humour, repetition and more.


The big books are designed for large-group and whole-class teaching situations. Small books are also available to offer children the opportunity to enjoy the storyline many times over at their own leisure.


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Sails Literacy Shared Reading Audio CDs

All emergent, early and fluent shared reading books are featured on a shared reading audio CD.


  • Year 1 = All 12 emergent shared reading books
  • Year 2 = All 12 early shared reading books
  • Year 3 = All 12 fluent shared reading books


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Sails Literacy Teacher Resources and Blackline Masters

These teacher resource CDs outline targets specific to the literacy stage of development in oral, written and visual language. They provide a complete evaluation and assessment package with observation sheets, records of reading behaviour, checks on oral, written and visual language and phonological patterns. 


The blackline masters contain activities for developing comprehension skills and knowledge of writing conventions and genre structures. The activities have been designed for use in small guided reading and writing groups and for independent learning centre activities.


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Sailing Solo - Reading Levels 8–14


Take-home reading to support lower primary students


Sailing Solo consolidates your students’ comprehension and analytical thinking skills with a collection of fun titles. Designed to transition students from guided to independent reading, these titles are ideal for take-home reading, but can also be used within the classroom.


Each book features contemporary, high-interest topics and fun cartoon images – these readers are full colour throughout!


The Teacher CDs outline targets specific to the literacy stage of development in oral, written and visual language. They provide a complete evaluation and assessment package with observation sheets, records of reading behaviour, checks on oral, written and visual language and phonological patterns. Blackline masters are also supplied for assessment of reading skills, genres, phonological patterns and visual language.


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Sails Take-Home Library - Reading Levels 3-12

The Sails Take-Home Library features a total of 60 stimulating texts to support take-home reading programs in Years 1 and 2, covering reading levels 3 to 12.


Titles include a vibrant mix of genres and styles, with a cast of fun characters. Each book includes valuable parent notes to support parents while developing their child’s reading skills at home.


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Sails Literacy Charting Progress Kit (Reading Levels 1-28)


Use the Sails Literacy Charting Progress Kit to help you assess your students.


The 18 benchmark books cover reading levels 1 to 15 and are designed to gather data about a student’s reading ability. Higher comprehension strategies are analysed in the 21 benchmark cards cover reading levels 14 to 28. These engaging texts are unique to the Sails Literacy Charting Progress Kit.


The teachers resource book supports information gathering, includes suggestions to assist teachers to improve students’ skills in comprehension strategies and provides records and assessment sheets.


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Critical literacy, writing and comprehension for middle and upper primary students


MainSails offers 24 titles for each year level between Years 3-6. Titles are all presented in a magazine-style format and provide specific modelling of text types, including fantasy, mystery, reports, explanations and narratives. Investigations of literary devices are essential for developing students as effective writers with their own writing style. Oral reading and comprehension skills are also nurtured.


‘Thinking About The Text’ elements are built into each book and encourage students to clarify their understanding of the text by relating it to their own experience (text to self), similar or different books they’ve read (text to text) and situations that occur in the world (text to world).


A teacher resource CD is available to support MainSails at each year level, containing guide notes and blackline masters.


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