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Pearson English Digital

Support learning in a fun, creative and interactive way!

Students have differentiated learning delivered straight to their computer and iPad. Teachers will be able to access rich content that doesn't exist in the print version, making their teaching preparation time easier and more enjoyable.

Access so much more with Pearson English Digital

When you subscribe to Pearson English 3-6 Digital, and purchase the Digital Topic Packs for your school, you will have access to a wide range of material to support teaching and engage students. It works on PC, Mac and iPad.

  • Digital versions of the Student Magazines, Topic Books and Teacher Companions
  • Re-levelled Student eMagazines (below, above or on level) allow for inclusive differentiation
  • Over 128 interactive games targeting Australian Curriculum spelling, grammar and punctuation skills
  • Embedded quizzes with immediate student feedback for each Topic eBook to assess understanding and comprehension
  • Educators have access to a range of digital assets embedded within the digital platform's version of the Teacher Companion to further enhance teaching and learning
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Interactive Whiteboards and iPads
  • Teachers control the platform and allocate components to students as appropriate. 
Pearson English Digital

Pearson English Digital

Free Trial Available Now!

Teachers can now access a 30 day free trial of Pearson English 3-6 Digital. One pre-selected topic will be available in the teacher view of the platform for each year level.

If you already have a Pearson Places account, sign in before accessing the link below to add the trial to your existing account.

Once you have filled in the form, your trial will give you immediate access.

Help navigating Pearson English 3-6 Digital can be found in the platform by clicking on the help button in the top right hand corner.


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Pearson English 3-6 Digital has some minimum requirements - View the tech specs to see if you have everything you need.


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