Making Connections provides an explicit framework to teach comprehension skills. It includes the following for each year level:

  • an Interactive Big Book
  • a Blackline Master Book
  • a Teacher's Resource Book with a Teacher's CD-ROM
  • a Comprehension Library of five titles (except for Year 1, which has four titles)
  • a LiveText DVD

In addition to the components listed, Making Connections is also supported by a ten piece Poster Pack, to assist students with individual or whole group learning.

Interactive Big Book

  • Provides an introduction to each skill
  • Enables teachers to model comprehension skills and strategies
  • Laminated pages to allow for student and teacher mark ups
  • Includes interactive activities where students circle, underline and colour parts of the texts
  • Teaches the skills of monitoring comprehension, so that students have a toolkit of skills and strategies to apply in a range of settings
  • Suitable for either whole class or small group exercises
  • NOTE: Interactive Big Book 3 & 5 are no longer available as they are out of print.
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Blackline Master Book

  • Provides practice and consolidation in comprehension skills and strategies
  • Includes two practice texts and an informal assessment text for each of the five skill areas in each level of this series
  • Activities that accompany the texts allow students to practise comprehension skills and strategies
  • An assessment text assists teachers in tracking student progress
  • Activities prompt students to practise re-reading a text
  • Graphic organisers are used for retrieving and organising information
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Teacher's Resource Books and CD-ROM

  • Includes a variety of assessment texts, proformas and graphic organisers
  • Detailed notes for each skills area with explicit descriptors of comprehension skills
  • Answers for all blackline master activities
  • Skill and stage of development clearly highlighted
  • Predictable sequence of strategies to facilitate students' independence
  • Text connections which provide further activities
  • CD-ROMs that come with a multiple-choice, diagnostic assessment task for each skill and record-keeping checklists
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Comprehension Library

  • Fiction and nonfiction books where students apply comprehension skills in a real-world context
  • Years 2-6 have five titles per year level; Year 1 has four titles
  • Eliminates the need to research and source books for comprehension practice
  • Books can be read in small groups or independently
  • Students apply comprehension skills as they read the fiction and Non-fiction books
  • There are critical literacy activities on the inside back cover
  • There is a graphic organiser that can be used to retrieve and organise information
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Live Text DVD

  • Allows you to access LiveText versions of Big Books, Blackline Master Books, Teacher Resource Books and Poster Packs
  • Facilitates a blended approach to teaching, combining print and digital resources
  • Lets you zoom in to see an image in detail
  • Allows you to customise pages and add emphasis with the annotation tool
  • Lets you print pages, including the annotations
  • Has Hot Spots you can use to link to resources, activities and downloads
  • Is available for each of the six year levels
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Poster Pack

  • Supports the Making Connections series
  • An essential tool to help you model comprehensions strategies for your students
  • Ability to be used as a reference for students while they work on activities
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Classroom Pack

  • Available from Year 1-6
  • Contains a Teacher's Resource Book and CD-ROM, a Blackline Master Book, eight copies of all the Comprehension Library Titles
  • Complimentary access to PDFs of the Interactive Big Books
  • An efficient way to set up your classroom with all the components you will need to start working with Making Connections
  • Savings compared to purchasing all these components separately
  • Classroom Packs 1, 2, 4 & 6 also contain 1 copy of the Interactive Big Book. Classroom Pack 3 & 5 do not as the Big Book for those levels is out of print.
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