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Lucy Calkins

Empowering and supporting teachers

Writing workshops that support creativity, communication and critical thinking

Comprehensive writing program designed to save you time

The series provides well-planned resources for teaching writing. It’s designed to guide teachers through lessons that help students meet and exceed writing expectations.

At every year level, detailed units of work include lesson plans along with mini-lessons and small group work to help students develop and improve their skills in writing.

The series helps students move independently through their writing and also gives teachers the opportunity to conduct strategic performance assessments to help monitor students’ progress.


Developed by renowned author Lucy Calkins

The series has been crafted by experienced author Lucy Calkins and her colleagues. Lucy has more than 30 years experience in developing state-of-the-art reading and writing teaching methods.

The series has been piloted and revised in thousands of classrooms over decades.

It primarily focuses on high volume of writing and daily protected writing time which leads to greater fluency and proficiency.

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Seamless transition between grades

The series provides writing workshops for Foundation level through to Year 8.

Each year level has specific units of study designed to meet developmental and curricular needs of students.

From Foundation to Year 5, the units encourage students to teach opinion, information, and narrative writing with increasing complexity.

Progressing to the higher year levels, Year 6-8, the series moves to prepare students to write argumentative essays, while extending their skills in information and narrative writing.



Teacher’s support

The series provides strong scaffolding and clear instructions for teaching writing workshops.

Each unit of study provides five to six weeks of teaching support which includes exemplar texts that model writing progressions across all grade levels.


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