Spend more time focused on developing skills and moving forward with Complete Comprehension, designed to help save time understanding barriers to comprehension and move past them in a way that works best for students and teachers.

How does it work?

Complete Comprehension uses whole chapter books to connect assessment, evaluation and teaching in one classroom solution, using Jennifer Serravallo’s complete cycle for comprehension.

Assessment, evaluation, progress

The cycle is mapped to Fountas & Pinnell Levels J-W (approx. years 2–8).

The cycle enables teachers to determine the skills and needs of each reader, map progress by prioritising goals, and plan and provide teaching that matches a student’s needs. So the connection from assessment to evaluation to progress is clearer than ever, for teachers and students. Plus, it can boost and complement any instructional approach or program.

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Complete Comprehension Nonfiction

Complete Comprehension Fiction

Complete Comprehension was developed after a two-year-long research study on more than 1,000 students which showed:

  • students were often not matched well to books
  • students needed support in areas of their comprehension
  • many students thought they understood when really their responses revealed major misunderstandings