Jennifer Serravallo

Jennifer Serravallo began her career in education as a teacher in New York City public schools and later joined the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University (TCRWP). Through TCRWP and now as an independent consultant, she has spent over a decade helping teachers across the country to create literacy classrooms where students are joyfully engaged and the instruction is meaningfully individualised to students' goals. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Reading Strategies Book as well as many other popular titles.

Katie Wood Ray

Katie Wood Ray is a bestselling author and a member of Heinemann’s Professional Development Services. In 2014, Katie joined the dynamic team of editors at Heinemann where she works closely with authors to craft powerful professional books on a range of literacy topics. Katie is also the series editor for the Classroom Essentials. Tasked with bringing foundational, progressive practices to a new generation of teachers, Katie works to ensure that the sharp focus and enhanced design of each book best serve the content. You can find her on Twitter at @KatieWoodRay.

Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson is an internationally recognised expert in writing instruction for years K-8, working as a consultant in schools and districts around the world. A long-time Staff Developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University, Carl is the author of numerous books on teaching writing.

Lisa Cleaveland

Lisa Cleaveland has been a teacher for nearly 30 years and was the recipient of the prestigious NCTE/Donald H. Graves Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Writing. Lisa's classroom was the research basis for About the Authors, Study Driven, Already Ready coauthored by Katie Wood Ray. She is a master practitioner and runs writing workshops. You can find her on Twitter at @LisaCleaveland

Each author in the series is a well-known authority on the book’s topic and connects you with their own teaching mentors. You’ll see how today’s most progressive practices are built on a solid foundation of research found in professional literature.