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Recorded webinar: Scaffold and support differentiated reading instruction before, during and after reading



On the 26 July 2018 we ran a live webinar on the topic of guided reading. Want to access the recording? Click here to register.

About the webinar



Gain expert guidance on the use of guided reading as a key instructional strategy for differentiating reading instruction within the literacy classroom. You’ll be guided through the key features of effective guided reading lessons before, during and after reading. Learn how best to apply this instructional strategy to cater for the range of instructional levels within any primary classroom. Goal setting for groups and individuals will also be covered in the relation to the Systems of Strategic Actions.


  • Develop an understanding of the ten key characteristics of texts and use this understanding to select guided reading texts for specific purposes
  • Learn how to plan guided reading lessons with pre-determined questioning and prompting to focus and drive thinking and talking about texts
  • Enable teachers to take key formative assessment records within parts of the lesson to inform subsequent teaching in relation to individual and group goals

About the presenter: Mr Chris Brown

Presenter - Chris BrownChris is currently working at Bacchus Marsh Primary School where he is an Assistant Principal with responsibility for Literacy Curriculum and Coaching in classrooms at all levels across the school. He has had experience in both primary and middle schooling contexts with particular focus on the development of teacher expertise in Reading and Writing.

More recently, he has studied in Boston with Irene Fountas, within her course on Effective Literacy Coaching at Lesley University. Developing shared understandings of evidence-based instructional strategies in Literacy and using Professional Learning Communities to drive improvement, continue to be priorities in his professional work.

Chris maintains that one of the key aspects to improved instruction in Literacy is to develop, within teachers, shared understandings of the reciprocity between the reading and writing process as well as expertise in the application of evidence-based instructional strategies.

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