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Interactive Read-Aloud


The Fountas & Pinnell ClassroomTM Interactive Read-Aloud Collection is the foundation for literacy instruction and is organised into text sets that reflect a global perspective with a diversity of characters, settings and topics.


Each text set contains four to six high-quality picture books with engaging illustrations that represent a variety of authors and illustrators, topics, genres, themes and text structures. Each set of texts has been carefully curated around a connecting idea, central theme, or study of a particular author, illustrator or genre.


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Reading Minilessons


Reading Minilessons are short, concise, explicit, inquiry-based lessons about a principle that students can apply to their own independent reading. Growing out of the interactive read-aloud experience and linked to independent reading, teachers use many of these texts as examples from which they generalise the understanding.


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Writing Minilessons


The Writing Minilessons Book provides brief, focused, explicit lessons that help children understand and apply the characteristics of effective writing and nurture their ability to write with purpose, imagination, and voice. Foster joyful writing with minilessons that spark creativity, imagination, and learning.

Shared Reading


The Fountas & Pinnell ClassroomTM Shared Reading Collection is made up of exquisite texts which include a collection of original big books in grades PreK through 3 in a variety of genres, with accompanying lesson folders.


Six small copies of each book, as well as audiobooks, are provided for children to revisit during independent reading. Some of the books have special features such as flaps, cutouts and foldouts to engage and excite children.


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Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study System


The Fountas & Pinnell Phonics, Spelling, and Word Study System is a collection of lessons designed to expand and refine children’s reading and writing powers, and enable you to help children attend to, learn about and efficiently use information about sounds, letters and words. Phonics instruction takes about ten or fifteen minutes of explicit teaching each day, with students spending an additional ten to twenty minutes a day applying and sharing what they have learned.


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Guided Reading


The Fountas & Pinnell ClassroomTM Guided Reading Collection is a small-group instructional context in which you support each reader’s processing of new challenging texts using hundreds of original titles for grades K-6 that span text levels A through Z.


By bringing together a small group of children who are at a similar point in their reading development and guiding them to process a text that is levelled on a gradient of difficulty, you are able to provide an incremental amount of challenge at each reader’s edge of ability to process text.


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Book Clubs


Book Clubs provide an opportunity for children to apply many of the literacy behaviours and understandings that they have learned through other instructional contexts: thinking within, beyond, and about a text; listening and understanding; interacting socially; engaging in extended discussions; and more.


As they bring together much of their learning in this one context, children find a sense of agency. The experience of exchanging ideas with their peers and co-constructing richer understandings of texts is genuinely rewarding.


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Independent Reading


Independent Reading offers children the chance to read, enjoy and interact with texts that they choose in order to gain “mileage” as readers. These collections were curated to provide high-quality trade books that help students explore their interests, flourish as readers and develop the ability to independently read increasingly challenging texts.


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