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Sample spread from Bug Club - Doctor Who and the Time of the Angels
Sample spread from Bug Club Level 30 - Sapphire: Doctor Who:
The Time of Angels (Reading Level 30/F&P Level U)

Bug Club Fiction Guided Readers

  • 180 fiction guided readers for Reading Levels 1 to 30.
  • Popular children's characters such as Wallace and Gromit, Angelina Ballerina, Shaun the Sheep, Doctor Who, Ben 10 and Casper.
  • New recurring fictional characters developed specifically for this series.
  • Highly engaging narratives covering a range of text types, and a variety of genres, including humour, fantasy, fairytales and mysteries.
  • Appealing short stories and novels at higher levels.
  • Contemporary designs and a vast range of illustration styles for visual literacy skills, all printed in full colour.

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Bug Club Non-Fiction Guided Readers

  • 146 non-fiction guided readers for Reading Levels 1 to 30.
  • Authentic information texts on age-appropriate, high-interest topics.
  • Highly appealing text types including reports, explanations, persuasive, procedural texts and more.
  • Broad range of cross-curricular links, such as Science, History, Geography and more.
  • Fabulous photographs, illustrations, diagrams and more for visual literacy skills, with over 30 non-fiction titles designed by Dorling Kindersley.
  • All books printed in full colour.
Sample spread from Bug Club - All About the AFL
Sample spread from Bug Club Level 16 - Orange: All About AFL
(Reading Level 16/F&P Level I)
Sample spread from Bug Club Comic Super Gloop
Sample spread from Bug Club Comic - Green: Super Gloop!
(Reading Level 12-14/F&P Level G-H)

Bug Club Comics & Graphic Novels

  • 13 comics and graphic novels broadly aligned to Reading Levels 6 to 30.
  • Captivating comics and graphic novels ideal for visual learners and for teaching visual literacy.
  • Well known characters, cartoon strips, amazing facts, lots of jokes and puzzles will engage students at all levels.
  • All comics and graphic novels printed in full colour.

Bug Club Phonic Fiction Readers

  • Broadband-levelled phonic fiction readers for practising and consolidating phonic skills.
  • Can be used in guided reading sessions at Emergent and Early stages.
  • Ideal for practising and consolidating the phonics skills introduced by the Bug Club phonic readers.
  • All books include engaging illustrations printed in full colour.

Using Bug Club Phonics Readers, children sound each letter in turn and synthesise the sounds together in order to generate the pronunciation of the word. Detailed teaching notes are provided inside front and back covers within each title to support instruction. Thus the children construct the pronunciation of unfamiliar words for themselves. This means that children can read many of the unfamiliar words they meet in text, within an authentic literacy context.

Bug -club -phonic -fiction Good Image
Sample spread from Bug Club Emergent Phonic Fiction Pink: Buzzing Bee (Reading Level 1-2/F&P Level A-B)
Sample spread from Bug Club teacher's resource book
Sample spread from Bug Club Fluent Teacher Resource

Bug Club Teacher Resources

  • 4 Teacher Resource Books covering Emergent, Early, Fluent and Fluent Plus stages.
  • Includes Bug Club introduction and resource overview.
  • Explicit, instructional guided reading notes for each reader.
  • Two blackline masters for each reader, specifically related to comprehension, phonemic awareness, speaking and listening, grammar, writing and visual literacy.
  • Extension activities to challenge high achievers and fast finishers.
  • Curriculum correlation charts for the Australian Curriculum: English and NSW Syllabus.

Guided reading notes and blackline masters are accessible in Bug Club Digital in the Teacher View under Linked Resources for most titles. Teacher resources for the titles released in 2013 and 2016 are available online at the Pearson Places Primary Teacher ProductLinkTeaching notes for the phonic readers are on the inside front and back cover of the books.

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Bug Club Plays

  • 65 plays broadly aligned to Reading Levels 6 to 30.
  • Each play provides readers with a highly engaging narrative with endearing children's characters.
  • Contemporary designs and a vast range of illustration styles are used in Bug Club plays, all printed in full colour.
  • Each play includes notes on the inside front cover to help guide parents while reading with their child.
  • Extension activities are suggested on the inside back cover to help expand the learning from each play.
  • Written by talented authors including Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo.

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Sample spread from Bug Club Play - Ned, Zed and Fred
Sample spread from Bug Club Fluent Fiction Play (Gold): Ned, Zed and Fred (Reading Level 21-22/F&P Level L-M)
Proud winner of EPAA 2017 - Best Primary Adaptation 

Phonics Bug

Phonics Bug – A fun, firm foundation in Phonics

Introducing Phonics Bug, a fun new series of 100% decodable readers brought to you by the makers of Bug Club. Phonics Bug readers can be used alongside any other existing phonics program to aid in the instruction, teaching and learning of phonics.

They’re edited by Professor Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson and based on a seven-year study in Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom, which proved systematic synthetic phonics as the most effective way to teach children to read.

The books and eBooks are deliberately constructed, phonically decodable texts that are both meaningful and worthy of comprehension.

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Phonics Bug
Phonics Bug

Easily integrate the series into your classroom with detailed teaching notes found on the inside front and back covers of each individual title.

Explore Bug Club Digital

Explore Bug Club Digital

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