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What is Phonics Bug?

Phonics Bug is a fun and engaging series of 100% decodable readers. It can be used alongside any other existing phonics program to help the instruction, teaching and learning of phonics.

It is edited by Professor Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson and based on a seven-year study in Clackmannanshire, United Kingdom, which proved systematic synthetic phonics as the most effective way to teach children to read.

The readers are deliberately constructed, phonically decodable texts that are both meaningful and memorable, making comprehension easier.



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How does it work?

The Phonics Bug readers are deliberately constructed, 100% phonically decodable texts that are grouped in a ‘developing order’ based on the order of sounds introduced in synthetic phonics programs.

The Phonics Bug books are also available online and feature the same online quizzes as Bug Club books, however with a focus on assessing phonic knowledge.





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