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Bug Club

Fiction and non-fiction readers

Bug Club readers span a huge range of genres and topics and are filled with features to support the teacher and the learner.

Each fiction and non-fiction reader is finely levelled and the series features a huge range of genres, topics and much-loved characters from film and TV.


Detailed before, during and after reading suggestions for teachers and families.



Bug Club on ActiveLearn Primary

Each Bug Club title is available as an eBook on ActiveLearn Primary

* Audio can be selected to support readers by clicking ‘Read to me’.
* Higher levels also feature sound effects.
* Embedded quizzes check understanding

* Many books have audio instructions
* Students earn rewards the more they read

Each title has a digital support toolkit

Guided reading notes

Blackline masters

* Activity reporting shows which books have been read
* A traffic light system is used to show which quizzes have been correctly answered by students or the class

Students earn rewards for each book read and quizzes correctly answered.