Spark a lifelong love of reading
with Bug Club

Bug Club supports the effective and engaging teaching of reading for students in Foundation to Year 6.

From decoding words to developing fluency, every step is reinforced with comprehensive teaching tools to support modelled whole-class reading, guided reading, independent and take-home reading.

Bug Club levelled readers bring much-loved and popular characters from film and TV into the classroom. Flexible packages, including an engaging online reading world, capture your students’ imagination and support all the crucial components of becoming a lifelong reader. Bug Club is shown to deliver progress in reading, while also developing a love of reading.

What’s in Bug Club?


  • Over 360 fiction and non-fiction guided readers, comics and graphic novels covering a huge range of topics and genres
  • All readers are available in print format via the eStore and eBook formats via ActiveLearn Primary
  • Inside front and back cover notes for teachers and families in all books
  • Guided reading notes and Blackline Masters on ActiveLearn Primary.


How does Bug Club work?


  • Expertly levelled readers give students manageable steps in reading progression and a real sense of ongoing achievement as they move through the levels
  • Readers feature well-known characters from film and TV to keep students engaged and to develop a love of reading
  • Allocate eBooks to a class, group or individual
  • Track every student’s reading progress on allocated eBooks
  • Students also earn rewards the more they read and comprehend
  • Advance learning, and support teachers and parents with inside front and back cover notes in all books
  • Save time with guided reading notes and Blackline Masters in the eBooks found in your online toolkit on ActiveLearn Primary
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Click to enlarge the Bug Club components chart

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