Each Sharing Our Stories title focuses on one Indigenous Australian community. The opening of each book is built around a series of photographs describing the local community setting, and establishing the community in a particular place and time.

Following this is one story shared by that particular community, which conveys a message connected to the group's traditions or social conventions. The stories are illustrated with paintings and drawings by children from the local community. Using a mixture of traditional and modern-day influences, the artwork brings the stories to life through the children's personal interpretations. This is followed by quotes and photographic portraits of local children and elders.

This provides a unique opportunity to meet the community who has shared their story, and to gain insight into what the story means to them. Each book concludes with the story retold in the local language.

Teacher Resources

The Sharing Our Stories Teacher Resources support teachers with successfully using the books in their classroom. They contain

  • Background notes about the content of each book.
  • Lesson plans, ideas for discussion and activities, and blackline masters.
  • Audio CD with narrated stories from the books and traditional song cycles (see the specifications needed to play these under the titles in the eStore).
  • Samples of the original language in which the stories are told.

Learning Activities

Support materials are available for teachers using the Sharing Our Stories resources.

To access further learning activities on each book, to view videos and hear stories from eight communities featured in Sharing Our Stories, browse all support materials.