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First Australians

Supporting cross-curriculum learning priorities with literacy resources


Working in collaboration with the National Museum of Australia, First Australians: Plenty Stories is a comprehensive series that draws on a range of sources to tell stories about significant issues facing Indigenous Australians. The series has been developed around three key themes: Our Places, Our Culture and Our Voices.


The Australian Curriculum lists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies as a cross-curriculum priority, allowing students to broaden their horizons by learning about the world's oldest continuous living cultures. This series supports the related curriculum priority with cross-curriculum resources that can be used for literacy, geography, history or cultural classes.




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Student Books

Key features:

  • This series is structured with three connecting themes
  • It draws on a diverse range of sources to tell the stories of significant issues that have faced and are still facing Australian Indigenous peoples
  • Clearly structured texts include appropriate content and vocabulary support to engage students and maximise learning
  • Comprehensive teacher support with lessons, activities and blackline masters
  • Texts are relevant for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students

Within the series are resources for Middle Primary and Upper Primary.

First Australians Upper Primary: Welcome to Mer Island

Sample spread from First Australians Upper Primary: Welcome to Mer Island

Sample spread from First Australians Upper Primary Teacher Resource

Teacher Resource

The First Australians: Plenty Stories Teacher Resource features:

  • Curriculum links for each state and territory
  • Key concepts, knowledge, skills, values for each theme
  • Background information about each text, plus where to go for additional research
  • A wide variety of learning activities, including blackline masters and assessment activities

Poster Pack

A poster pack is available for both Middle Primary and Upper Primary.

The poster packs have been developed to provide an introduction to each book and its themes, and offer effective teaching tools and strategies for the whole series.

Each poster includes questions to promote group discussion and additional information for teachers. There are ten posters in each pack, in each level.

First Australians Poster Packs

Sample pages

Sample spread from Celebrating Survival Day

Middle Primary

Celebrating Survival Day
Discovering Aboriginal Australia
Fighting for Rights
Indigenous Sporting Greats
Kaisiana's Journey to Torres Strait
Keeping Language Alive
Keeping Strong through Art
Special Objects
The Travelling Yamani
Middle Primary Teacher Resource

Upper Primary

Caring for Country
It's More Than Art
Kaurareg Mob
Making a Difference
Remembering Coniston
Stories Through Art
Unsung Hero
Welcome to Mer Island
Upper Primary Teacher Resource

Sample spread from Keeping Language Alive


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