Tools, Tips & Activities for Wellbeing and Resilience from Dr Toni Noble


The following articles, written by Bounce Back! author Dr Toni Noble, provide parents and teachers with wellbeing tools, tips and activities for primary school-aged children to build resilience and wellbeing during this global pandemic and other challenges the future may hold.

Boosting positive emotions

Positive emotions help us to undo the negative effects of stress. While it is normal for children to experience challenging emotions like anxiety, fear or frustration at this time, this article suggests ideas to boost their positive emotions.

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Being kind, being thankful

Practising kindness and feeling gratitude for others’ kindness to you not only builds stronger relationships with our family, extended family, friends and neighbours, but improves our sense of wellbeing and happiness. Often the giver benefits just as much, or even more than the receiver.

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Staying connected

Social distancing is more about physical separation, not social disconnection from each other. The activities in this article are designed to help primary school-aged children to have fun interacting with a friend or classmate via phone or video through interesting and purposeful conversation.

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Look for the silver lining

We can usually find something good in any bad situation, if we try. This article will explore how, by helping children to look for the small good things, they can begin to feel more hopeful.

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