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Pearson English Readers

Pearson English Readers offer a wide range of genres, from biographies, comedies and plays to classic novels, film and TV titles, to give students an extensive reading experience and satisfaction of reading real books in language they can understand.

The series is designed to engage and motivate students, as they enjoy reading books while improving their literacy skills.

With over 280 titles, the readers feature carefully graded grammar and vocabulary based on extensive research, while keeping the unique style and great storytelling of the original texts.

  • Available at seven levels
  • Most readers can be purchased with or without a CD containing full audio of the text
  • Readers include familiar characters from series such as Marvel and Doctor Who


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Pearson English Active Readers

Pearson English Active Readers feature a wide range of classic, popular and non-fiction titles.

These titles include exercises and mini-projects to create a more structured and intensive reading experience.

  • Available at five levels
  • Ideal choice for classroom use and group reading
  • Every Pearson English Reader comes with a CD, which includes audio and extra activities


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Online teacher notes

To help teachers get the most out of using the readers, free teaching resources are available for every title on and also include:

  • Downloadable comprehensive teacher notes, extra activities, worksheets and answer sheets