Engage every learner with content differentiated at 5 reading levels.


What is it?

Newsela Essentials brings together real-world content with integrated assessments and insights, all levelled for each learner in the class.

Use one article to challenge students at different reading levels thanks to industry-leading software that analyses performance in engaging quizzes in order to assign the appropriate level of each text to each student.

The user-friendly instructional content platform is web-based and can be accessed by teachers and learners on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

What's included?

Rich content library

  • Thousands of levelled articles for students in Years 2 to 12
  • More than 20 genres of informational texts including primary-source documents, biographies, speeches, and historical articles
  • Authentic content from the most trusted news providers in Australia and around the world

Powerful tools and resources

  • Integrated formative comprehension quizzes targeting specific literacy skills
  • In-article activities to build vocabulary and comprehension
  • Teacher and student dashboard that gives insight into, and visibility of, usage and progress

How does it work?

Differentiated Content
Newsela is adaptive, with each article accessible at five reading levels. The original version of the article is used as the highest reading level version, and is rewritten at 4 additional levels.

Adaptive Software
Based on performance in quizzes, the computer-adaptive software automatically adjusts articles to each student’s appropriate reading level.

Aligned to Literacy Standards 
Embedded quizzes align to literacy standards to supplement curriculum across subjects and learning areas.

Plus, we are developing Custom Collections aligned with Pearson Australia’s Year 7 Science and Years 9-10 Humanities textbooks making it easy to find and assign articles aligned to the curriculum.

What's the outcome?

Simplified Planning and Assessment

Teachers can gain insight into students’ performance and engagement through the Binder, which can guide targeted instruction. Plus, assessments are levelled to align with reading level, and content is searchable by year, grade band (e.g. primary, upper primary), and literacy skills.

Engaged Classrooms
With the entire class being able to read and discuss the same content, which is provided at the right level for each student, engagement in classroom discussions is boosted.

Cross-Curricular Literacy Development
Access thousands of compelling, real-world, levelled reading materials to support instruction and drive literacy skills, no matter what subject you’re teaching.

"To have the same content at 5 levels is a gamechanger.”
Teacher, VIC

Authentic content from the most trusted names in Australia and around the world.