Pearson English Spring Days

Make a fresh start to your teaching with Pearson English Spring Days



Just like spring is a new beginning Pearson English Spring Days is designed to grow fresh ideas as you continue to keep learning and keep teaching in a changing world.

In May we hosted a variety of webinar sessions from leading experts in ELT,  including plenaries from Jeremy Harmer and Dr. Ken Beatty.

These recordings are now available to you.  They include professional development advice and lots of practical classroom tips. You’ll come away with lots of new ideas for planning, teaching and assessing your classes.

What recordings are available?

There is a wide range of topics to suit your own teaching context.

To access all webinar recordings, click here.





Jeremy Harmer


Opening plenary


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Damian Williams


How to develop speaking skills


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Bill Bonk


How to help learners chart their own course towards English proficiency


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Damian Williams


How to develop future skills


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Margaret O'Keeffe


How to bridge the gap from intermediate to advanced in business English


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Lindsay Warwick


How to teach remotely with Roadmap


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Mike Mayor


Using the GSE Teacher Toolkit to support lessons


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