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Pearson English Readers (formerly Penguin Readers) are world-renowned stories re-written for English learners and graded to 7 different levels for regular readers and 5 levels for Active Readers. With Pearson English Readers, learners of any age can enjoy and learn from reading, whatever their language level is. 

Pearson English Readers are written by specialist ELT authors.

Whether it's British or American English you're looking for, there are hundreds of titles to choose from. There's something for everyone - classics, films, biographies, drama, romance, comedy, crime...

The readers are sold individually, or can be packaged with an Audio CD or MP3.

View a sample page from Mr Bean in Town (130 Kb)

Listen to a sample MP3 file from Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Man's Chest (940 Kb)

You will find more audio samples when you browse for the products in the store. Just click on the product record for more detail, to uncover free sample audio files, free teacher resources, worksheets and activities.

What makes them the best choice?

These graded readers are aligned with the Global Scale of English.

Graded levelling using the Global scale of English

Award winning content. When students enjoy what they’re doing they are more motivated to read, learn and succeed.

With a large selection of book and film-based titles across 13 different genres and 7 English levels, every learner can find a perfect Reader at the right level and right topic/story for them. Intensive reading offered with 5 levels of Active Readers.

With additional teacher’s resources in every title (including Teacher’s notes, Activity worksheets and audio files) teachers can bring more practice and interaction in their classroom.


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How is the Global Scale of English used?

The Pearson English Readers and the Pearson English Active Readers have historically been levelled to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) bands. The vocabulary, grammar, text length, language features and topics were used to correlate reading levels to the CEFR. This levelling has been checked again to make sure each reader is pitched at the right level.

The Global Scale of English is derived from the same original set of data as the CEFR, and carefully correlated. We used this correlation to decide how the Readers levels should map to GSE score bands, and represented both scales in the table on the back of the books.


Who are these readers best suited for?

Teachers and schools who want their students to succeed in exams and who are looking for truly pleasurable tasks to improve their students’ reading skills, vocabulary, listening, speaking, and language comprehension.

Students (adults/teenagers) who would like to bring more enjoyment to their English learning routine, model listening and find out about the topics beyond their coursework.

Parents who are looking for exciting English learning materials to keep their children motivated to study and progress