Diagnose mathematical thinking

beyond right and wrong

with Pearson Diagnostic

Teachers no longer need to spend 60% of their time on admin*

Developed in Australia, this new mathematics diagnostic tool is designed to reveal student thinking beyond right and wrong and save teachers’ time.

It automatically diagnoses student understanding on a developmental continuum, pinpointing misconceptions, common misunderstandings and gaps in knowledge.

Pearson Diagnostic spans the core maths concepts from 5-10 and is a classroom friendly resource that is designed:

  • for easy implementation and use by teachers and students
  • to save teachers’ time
  • to be used as a whole school program or with individual classes
  • to be used alongside any existing maths resources


*(UK Dept Education 2016)

How does it work?

Search and explore the quiz library


  • explore the library of over 60 quizzes from key maths strands for 5-10:
    • Number and algebra
    • Measurement and geometry
    • Statistics and probability
  • assign quizzes to individual students or to a whole class

Instantly diagnose misconceptions


  • students use a link or code to access and complete the assigned quiz
  • a real time diagnosis is generated for the teacher based on the pattern of responses from the quiz analytics
  • teachers can instantly diagnose common misconception or gaps in understanding at the class and individual student level

Provide targeted intervention


  • ready to use, Targeted Activities are generated based on each diagnosis
  • teachers can download the Targeted Activities and use them to explicitly address each student’s diagnosis

Track student growth


  • measure the progress of the school, class and individuals progress
  • measure the progress of the school, class and individuals progress