Permissions request to use Pearson material


If you are seeking permission to reproduce copyright material from a Pearson Australia Product, please fill out the form here with the details of the extract or figure to the Rights & Permissions Department with your request.

Please note that we cannot grant permission for any material that appears in our Products with credit to any other source. Please review the material you are requesting to ensure that Pearson controls the rights. If the material is acknowledged i.e. on the acknowledgements or imprint pages, credit or source lines, to another source other than Pearson, the material is not ours. If another source is cited, permission must be obtained from the original source. Unfortunately we cannot always provide contact names for other sources.

If no additional information is required, you can expect a response within 2-4 weeks from the submission of the form.

If you are requesting material from multiple Pearson Products, please submit a form for each Product.

Please contact us for further information at

Permissions Request Form